Monday, November 29, 2010

headaches and the like

It feels as though someone is poking my left temple, through my skull and into my brain with a large blunt index finger. My cheekbones are burning, yet achy, as if the bone is burning under my skin. There is a tightening in the back of my neck, and too the sides, below my ears, and an achy tenderness a the base of my skull, and inside and behind my ears. There is also someone poking a pointed finger into my left ear, and bugs crawling in my right ear. The entire surface of my head, face and jaw, with the exception of the middle of my chin, are sore to the touch. My balance is off. My heart rate is up. My legs and arms ache. Many of my joints feel strained. My inner and outer thighs, inner arms and shoulders are sore to the touch. I feel weak and shaky. My leg muscles are twitching.

I am supposed to have finished my assignment.

I am supposed to be in class in half an hour. :-S

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