Friday, December 3, 2010

weird symptoms

Some strange things to note that are particularly troubling today:

- I can't keep my coffee down; it keeps backing up in my throat.
- I feel nauseous.
- There is a "croaking" sound coming out of my throat, along with an uncomfortable feeling when it happens.
- My face has been hurting a lot. There is a lot of stinging and burning around my eyes and in my cheeks.
- (Yesterday I had an earache, only in my right, but it is feeling better today so far.)
- My jaw aches, but again not as bad as last night.
- My neck is really sore in the back in particular. It is stiff and weak, full of knots, and my head feels too heavy.
- There are these sore "bumps" on the back of my head, that I only notice when they are hurting, but feel like bone, so they must always be there...
- Last night it was like I was having trouble getting enough air in my lungs while I was lying down. I keep having "incomplete" yawns. wtf?
- I also keep feeling like I'm gonna puke whenever I bend to tie my shoes. I wish I had shoes that were easier to put on, but I like lace-ups for their ankle support. I must acquire lace-ups with zippers!
- A lot of sounds, particularly low sounds with bass to them are really hurting my ears.

Well... that was by no means all, but enough to talk about for now. I wish I could find pain relief that works consistently, but the nature of the pain changes so frequently, I never really know what I'll be dealing with. I seem to have become "accustomed" to a lot of it; the pains that have been around for awhile. It is the symptoms that still feel alien, that I'm not "used to", that really grind my gears. Grrr...

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