Tuesday, November 23, 2010

going a little nuts

ARGH! So, I am starting to become concerned that I may have one or more other medical conditions other than the Chiari, that are Chiari related, so of course there is no known way to test for them in Canada. ARGH!

I am feeling a little freaked out today, partly because of these "worries", and partly because I have been noticing a lot of change and development of some of my symptoms. Last night I kept feeling short of breath. Doing anything was tiring. I also had an awful headache, at the back of my head, and in my eyes and temples, and every time I moved it felt worse. I am still feeling a lot like that today, but thankfully 10 hours of sleep and some coffee, have helped a little. Also, nothing was helping last night, but then I had some gatorade, and actually got inspired to drive to rent the next disc of Heroes and put gas in the car (while Dani pumped the gas, or tried, was kind of amusing. ha). Even though as I sat at the top of the stairs to tie my shoes, I was sure I was going to fall down them head first and make a somersault to the bottom. ha.

I have been thinking more about my grandmother's death, and about asking my Mom more about it. She was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth, but she had some symptoms that were not consistent with the diagnosis, and as I understand she died suddenly in her 50's of a spontaneous "blood clot", or aneurism I believe, in or near her heart. I want to ask my Mom about the details again, but I'm just not ready to bring it up. There are forms of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (which is one of the things I'm worried I may have) that may lead to spontaneous rupture of internal organs and arteries, or aneurisms. Since many of the symptoms I have that are not "Chiari related" according to the doctors I have seen (who frankly know little about Chiari) seem like they could be signs of EDS, or at least some sort of connective tissue problem. There is a subgroup of Chiari patients who have EDS, and don't respond well to the typically performed Chiari surgeries.

Bleh! Anyway, too much to think about. I know I shouldn't get myself overly concerned, and just continue taking things day-by-day. I want to try to get my stress level down!

I have to take the dog for a walk. I used to enjoy taking her off leash and playing fetch. I also used to take her for longer walks. I am worried about the walk today. I already feel light-headed. What if I just pass out in the middle of the walk and fall unconscious on the sidewalk?! I haven't passed-out since high school, so I suppose there is nothing to worry about.

It feels like there are bugs crawling over my head. My face is so sore!

Well, a little venting always helps.

The "twitching" was becoming really weird and annoying over the weekend, but seems a bit better today. I took a video of what was happening when I was trying to do a reading for a course I am taking (thank goodness it will be over soon). School is getting to be a little bit much for me right now, but I think this is the last course I need for my b.a.! Ah, there. See! I ended on a positive note :)

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