Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feet... and Good Days!

Ever find you get all emotional because you catch yourself feeling good for a change and there have just been so many bad days, and then you finally break through to a good day, and you're just overcome?

Well that happened to me today. I just caught myself dancing while doing the dishes (think I get that dancing in the kitchen thing from Mom). I haven't felt good enough to kitchen dance for weeks. Doing the dishes has been so difficult for both me and Dani. She gets intense back spasms, and I get light-headed, nauseous, shaky, and sore in the wrists, hands and legs. But not today! My headache just about back to it's "normal" dull state, and I actually have energy. And I was okay walking the dog, except for one thing.... FEET!

My feet have been turning strange colours lately, like purple and white and blotchy. I think it is a circulation problem. As it gets colder outside, my feet are numb more often (it lasts for awhile after I come in), and they are just weird. I used to be ticklish in my feet but my buddy Nick tried to surprise me by tickling my foot yesterday, and I was just like, mmm... that feels kinda nice. I can still feel things, but I am sure there is a loss of sensation in my lower legs and feet.

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