Friday, March 11, 2011

my left elbow and my heart rate

Ha ha. I had to post these pictures of my left elbow. They are too weird! I don't know if it always bent backwards this much, but it is definitely bendier than the right, which is also rather bendy, but not as interesting to look at. In the second photo I may have bent it too much, which is really bad for my joints, but I find it's hard to know my limits sometimes. It's more a case of trial and error.  

Anyway, my heart rate is totally unrelated to my left elbow. Ha ha. Sorry for any confusion. I borrowed a heart rate monitoring gadget from the kinesiologist at the health center, and holy crap does my heart beat fast! We first took my heart rate today while I was on the exercise bike with very slight resistance. It started at 120bpm or so and shot up to 190 within 5 minutes! He gave me the doo-hicky to borrow for a week. I am finding today it's around 100-110 when I'm lying down, 120-130 while sitting, 130-150 while standing and it was up to 178 when I got to the top of the stair case (1 flight of stairs)! 

And now for the anxiety question (which is not really mine, but more my doctor's and my counsellor's), I have not encountered many stressful situations today, other than leaving a voicemail with Ontario works, and trying to parallel park, but it didn't go up significantly in those situations. So it's hard to tell if stress is a factor on my heart palpitations. It may very well be, but it is not the only factor for sure. 

The kinesiologist thought this was all very interesting, so he wrote a note to my doctor to ask for a stress test, so I am pleased with that! This heart rate thingy is kinda fun. I like gadgets :)

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